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1948: Raymond Heerebout, alias Reddy, starts manufacturing brass fasteners for cables in Brussels and progressively develops a full range of Electrical installation equipment.

1960: Production starts at Lillois, in Belgium.

1965: Reddy enters the field of plastic injection and adapts the range of Electrical installation equipment to this new method of manufacture.

1975: Manufacture of plastic packing boxes begins.

1978: Launch of the recessed switch and electrical socket box.

1983: Manufacture of plastic binding rings begins.

1987: Manufacture of plastic fixing accessories for coverings and curtain walls begins.

1994: Export turnover surpasses 30% of total.

1996: Christian Rouanet takes over as director of the company.

1998: Launch of a new range of fastener boxes for the DIY sector.

2002: Launch of a lot of new products in the field of Electrical installation equipment.

2006: New range of covers for recessed boxes.

2009, June: REDDY becomes exclusive dealer of the brand TOX in Belgium

2009, August: new factory built in Seneffe (Belgium).

2011: start of the production of airtight electric boxes with flexible membrane (bi-material injection)

2013: development of a patented wall fixation system for recessed boxes

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